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A little of this and a little of that!

I was planning to reveal the master bedroom makeover this week. Unfortunately, everything I needed to complete the look did not come. There was a delay in shipping and it will not arrive until next week. In the meantime, I will share some other projects I completed or am in the midst of doing. The first thing I tackled was a bench in the backyard. It had definitely seen better days and needed some TLC! I also began work on one of the antique doors I purchased a few months ago.

          This is the bench I was talking about. It has been in the backyard for a long time.

                        I decided to spray it with some leftover blue paint but I was not feeling it!

                                          Maybe a good cleaning with a wire brush would help.

                                                         Starting to look better!

             After all of the guck was removed, I turned my attention to the bright blue color.

            I used Klean Strip Mineral Spirits and steel wool to try and tone it down.

It not only toned down the blue paint, it also exposed other layers of paint and rust, giving it a beautiful aged look!

                     That is what I’m talking about! Look at those delicious layers!

                            “Voila”, she is ready for a new life! Now where to put her!

I often wonder what my neighbors think of me. I dragged ( literally, it weighs a ton) this bench all around the house stopping to try it in different places. Stepping back, walking around, then moving to another space and repeating the process. Maybe, I do not really want to know what they think! Yikes!

                                  After all that, she found a spot in my front garden.

                  When the flowers start to grow around her it will look amazing!

This is one of the doors I purchased off of Craigslist. This particular door I have earmarked for my pantry, if all goes well!

                                          I started by scaping it with a putty knife.

                                      It was incredible how easily the paint came off.

After scraping the entire door. This is what was left. I am not going to lie I was freaking excited! It was perfectly aged with a whitewash look. I was in love!

Then I flipped it over…not so easy. I applied stripper and ran into layers and layers of paint. It became more and more difficult to remove the paint. Sander here we come!

                                                    This is after an hour of sanding!

                           You can see the layers of paint. I kind of like the blue-gray.

IMG_6667 (2)

Viola! The completed door. It took about five hours of sanding over two days. It was so worth it!

These are some examples of finishes that I am thinking of for the pantry door. The first is a light stain with polyurethane. The second door is done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Duck Egg Blue or Provence) and clear and dark wax. The last is a whitewashed look. It is going to be tough to decide. I like them all

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