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Amidst The Chaos, Things Are Still Getting Done!

In the past, I have talked about how my furniture pieces talk to me. I know what your thinking, but it is not in the literal sense. Its more like a feeling. Most of the time it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. In some cases, I need to walk away from it for awhile and then come back. Other times, like this one, I look for inspiration. The piece I am currently struggling with is a breakfront my mother-in-law has. She has no room for it and asked if I would like it. It is very formal and would not go with what is in our home. I asked if I could paint it and she said yes. With that, I started Googling for inspiration!

There is no denying its beauty. I just need to make it work for me!

In my research, I found this hutch. The minute I saw it, I knew this was the way I wanted to go!

I wanted to mimic the open shelving so I took off the glass doors. It immediately looked less formal.

I also picked the paint color, Annie Sloan CoCo Chalk Paint . Unfortunately, this is as far as I got. With going back and forth to Binghamton, time just ran out.

I do have an addition/renovation update.

The new dining room had unfinished wood laid.

The same wood was feathered in with the original flooring to fill in the gaps from the demo.

The new powder room also needed repair where the wall between the dining room and kitchen was.

Once all the gaps were filled he started to sand down to the raw wood.

You can see the color of the floor before he started to sand. He is going to stain and polyurethane next week!

More updates next week!

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