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Antique Buffet Transformation Part One!

I finally got over to our storage unit to pull out a piece of furniture to work on. I chose the buffet because it has beautiful lines and there was no major work needed. I was not ready to take on a project that needed work on the entire piece (there are some of those in the storage unit). The piece had a couple minor repairs that were easily remedied. It is a large piece and painting it will be time consuming but that I can handle. Because the buffet is so large, I will be breaking it up in two blog posts.

Part One:

The top was sanded before it was put in storage. If the wood is in good condition, having a wood top is always a good choice for a buffet.

The minor repairs I was talking about. The drawer has pieces of molding missing and will have to be replaced.

I sanded the area smooth.

I also used an exacto knife to make the edge a clean cut.

Using these two products, Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin to create a mold of the trim and after the mold is set, I poured resin into the mold to make a replica of the trim.

There were two containers of putty in the kit. A (white) and B (yellow).

You take equal amounts of both and mix them together until the putty has a uniform color.

Once it is ready, I placed the putty on the drawer to create a mold.

This is what it looked like after it dried you can see the trim shape in the mold.

The resin also had two parts that needed to be mixed together. I put equal parts of each into cups then poured both into another cup to mix. There was a short amount of time before it set, so I was unable to take pictures at this point.

The resin is ready when it turns white.

I cut the pieces to size and super glued them to the drawer. I let it dry overnight then sanded it a little.

It came out better than I thought it would. After it is painted, you will not be able to tell the difference!

This will be a game changer for future projects. I will no longer have to pass on furniture with missing pieces. I could recreate them using this process!

Next up was a thorough cleaning inside an out. The blue velvet inside the drawer is in perfect shape.

I am still contemplating my color choice. I may go with Annie Sloan Oxford Navy chalk paint because of the color inside of the drawer. But that decision will be in the next blog post!

Until then, keep on pushing your Creative Self!

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