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Art On The Cheap!

I am starting to put the finishing touches on the new powder room. I wanted to put up some art, but my budget is next to nothing at this point of the project. So, I looked around the house, and found some small plates that might work. A few years ago, I used plates to decorate in my dining room. I had gotten the idea from an episode of “Sarah’s House”. She was looking for inexpensive artwork, and she took decorative plates and put them in picture frames. They were unique pieces and looked great! I used it for the dining room and now I am going to do it again in the powder room.

These are the plates I used to decorate the dining room walls. Just putting them in picture frames took it to the next level!

I love these bird plates! They would be great in the powder room. They have the same colors in them as the wallpaper.

I purchased a shadow box frame from Michael’s. The back is made of linen which gives it a more finished look.

I use Velcro to hold the plate in the frame.

I cut the Velcro and put one on the back of the plate and the other on the inside of frame. To make sure it keeps it holds, I use heavy duty Velcro.

Center the plate and stick!

One more to go!

Artwork down! Now, I need to find something special for the toilet paper and hand towel. I think a trip to the Rehouse salvage store in Rochester N.Y is in order to hopefully find something unique.

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