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Brimfield Memories!

We made it to the Brimfield Antique and Collectible Show! I was so excited. It was my first time and I could not have asked for a better bunch of ladies to experience it with! “Cousin Love” all the way!!

This was the traffic coming into the show on US Route -20 E.

Each of the fields have their own vendors, with some fields having as many as 400 vendors! Kind of overwhelming, but exciting at the same time!

My very first purchase. I even haggled the price and got a better deal. Carried Away Antiques, had so many beautiful items. I was a little sad I did not have enough time to look at everything. But, lucky for me they are in the process of opening an online-shop!

One of the items I had on my list to purchase was something for on top of the hutch I refinished. It needed to be large enough to fill in the negative space and fit in the design. This pitcher fits the bill! Check this off the list!

There was wrought iron everywhere! I would have loved to purchase one of these archways and a couple trellises for my garden. Alas, no room in my car. I did however buy two wrought iron cloches.

I plan on using them in the garden or in large urns at the front entrance.

There were plenty of collectibles to choose from. I even tried my hand at finding Jasperware, which is a type of Wedgewood. My mother-in-law is a collector so I sent her a picture for verification. It turned out not to be Jasperware, but it was exciting thinking it might have been!

I could have spent all day in these shops. Painted furniture, French décor, unique items, and of course pillows, pillows, pillows!

There were also some random things that made me laugh (the Mancave Mannequin), or gave me the creeps (Doll that reminded me of “Chucky”).

Some of the vendors were selling live plants. I loved the rosemary topiaries, but a five hour car ride smelling rosemary all the way home would probably have made me ill.

These original pieces of artwork were from the Easton Antique Emporium. These wood sculptures were made from vines shaped into these forms. Wow!

Memory Hole Vintage has all their merchandise on this bus and they travel from show to show on the same bus. I thought this was really cool! Drive in, drive out, no set-up or break down.

The magnitude of work that went into putting this vendor spot together was mind blowing. It was filled with stone garden figures, wrought iron pieces, fountains, arches etc. Just to give you an idea of the weight of these pieces, I was looking at the small rabbit sitting on the bench in the lower middle picture. When I tried to pick it up I had to use two hands. I bet it weighed at least thirty pounds. I asked the vender how long it took to set up. He said two and a half days!

This is just a taste of what was at Brimfield this year. We were lucky enough not to be rained on while we were there, but the weather was extremely hot. We were uncomfortable, but pushed through and saw as much as we could in the time frame we had. I think to truly see everything you need to be there a couple of days. That way you can take a more leisurely pace and see it all.

I hope I gave you a sense of what it was like and peaked your interest. Maybe it is something you would want to go to next year if you get the chance. It is worth it!

After the show my cousins and I went to “The Duck” restaurant in Sturbridge Ma. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day with my cousins!

Going to Brimfield got me excited about The Purple Painted Lady Festival! I m in the Festival and hope you will come and se me!

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