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Christmas decorating with “Good Will” finds!

I look for Christmas decorations all year at Good Will as a matter of fact some of my best finds have been in the summer. Like the basket I snagged that was full of greenery. Some people would have seen a dingy display that had seen better days. I saw a treasure trove of materials I could use to make my Christmas decorations at a cost of $2.99.

Not only did the basket (which was in perfect condition) contain picks. It also had floral foam blocks and a bunch of moss. All of which can add up to large amounts of money.

Out of curiosity I looked up the cost of all of these items to see how much I saved. I found all of the items on the Micheals website. The hyacinth basket was listed for $18.99; the individual pinecones (4 of) were $0.99 each, the two types of Pinetree branches (7 of) were $7.49 and $4.49 each, the magnolia leaves (4 of) were $13.99 each, the red berries were (5 of) $4.49 each, the floral foam blocks (4 of) were $10.99 each, lastly the moss which was $24.00 for largest bag. Totaling $157.30 which brings my savings to $154.31.

This basket can be used anywhere in my home throughout the year.

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