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Christmas Gift Ideas Using IOD O’ Christmas Tree Mould!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree….Yes, I am thinking about Christmas already. Especially after seeing the new Christmas Tree mould from Iron Orchid Design. I used mine to create Christmas plaques that you can hang on the wall or put on a stand.

When I started this project, I had no idea how much fun I would have. I got to create little rooms and reminisce about Christmas‘s of my childhood.

Let me show you what I mean:

Look at the detailing in this mould!

I found these Hello Sunshine plaques at Michael’s and covered them with wrapping paper I got from Hobby Lobby.

I used Amazing Casting resin to make the moulds. When you make your mould, make sure to mix enough resin. It’s a large mould.

I attached the tree to the plaque with my glue gun, then painted it white with Waverly Snow White chalk paint and finished by adding Bling Stickers (look like pearls) by Recollections.

I did not like the tree floating in the middle of the paper. Using a paper towel and water I removed the paper around the tree. To finish, I whitewashed the plaque and added the sign (which I changed from green to gold using rub-n-buff).

For my next plaque I wanted to try and make the tree look like it was sitting in a room. I had an idea of how to achieve the look but wasn’t sure where to start. The next day at school, I asked our very talented art teacher Kristie if she could help. Oh, course she said yes. She proceeded to explain the concept and even mapped it out on a piece of paper for me.

Using my newfound knowledge, I drew out my one-point-perspective.

How cool is that!

For the floor I wanted something fun, so I marked out a checker pattern and painted it black and white.

The checkered floor reminded me of the 50’s so I went retro!

For the next one, I painted the tree green and then added red balls and tinsel (you can’t have a 70’s tree without tinsel).

For the inside, I did retro wallpaper (I got it from dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby) and wood floor (I couldn’t find any shag rug).

I hope you enjoyed this blog and will make your own gifts using the Iron Orchid Design mould.

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