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Cigar Box Transformation Using Decoupage!

Ever since I decoupaged a dresser using rice paper I have been wanting to do it again. However, the dresser was a massive undertaking, and this time around I wanted something smaller.

I purchased an old cigar box at Good Will and thought it would be the perfect (smaller) item to decoupage. I had the item, now I had to pick out the paper. After looking through hundreds of papers, I was drawn to one called the Bluebird Queen by “Decoupage Queen”.

I had everything I needed, and it was time to get started!

I love this paper. It is fun, quirky and mesmerizing!

I used Wavery Chalk Paint in Mineral to paint the cigar box.

The wood inside the box was in good shape so I did not paint it.

I gave the top two coats so nothing would show through the rice paper.

I cut off the border of the rice paper before applying.

Ready to decoupage!

To apply the paper, I used wallpaper paste.

Starting at the top, I brushed on the wallpaper paste.

I placed the paper on the box and pressed down smoothing as I went. I used my hands, but you can also use a brush. Once that part was down, I brushed on more paste and repeated this process.

I kept going all the way down the front.

I cut the excess off with an exacto knife.

I always keep the extra paper in case I need to fill in.

I wait until it dries a little before cutting to minimize tearing.

Once it dried, I sanded the edges slightly.

The decoupage paper did not reach the sides, so I extended it using acrylic paint and oil pastels.

By using my color wheel, I was able to match the colors in the “Bluebird Queen” decoupage paper.

Using acrylic paint, I brought the tree around the side.

I used oil pastel then blended it with a paint brush.

I had seen others do this on You Tube and wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but I was very pleased with the results.

I did the same to the other side extending the tree and the feathers on the bluebird.

Again, using acrylic paint and oil pastels.

I used leftover decoupage to fill in the rest of the side.

To open the box, I put on a knob and spruced it up with rub n buff antique gold

The sides look like they are part of the rice paper (right).

Left side

Finished piece, I love it!

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