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Decorating A Christmas Chandelier!

I tried doing the chandelier last week while my mother-in-law and husband were there. Both of them were watching me while I worked which is fine with me, but the deafening silence was telling me that they did not like it. To be honest neither did I! I took it all down and did not touch it again until Tuesday morning at 2:30 am. I couldn’t sleep and decided to decorate the chandelier. It was quiet and I was by myself. A perfect time to do it. I know, I know, this seems like a repeat of last week!

I actually enjoyed the solitude. I was tired the rest of the day, but it was done, and mother-in-law and spouse gave it a thumbs up!

The chandelier

The picks I used were long and drapey.

I used floral wire to attach them to the chandelier.

I wrapped greenery ties around the wire to hide them.

Because the greenery was long it was easy to cover each arm.

I used only four picks to cover all five arms of the chandelier.

I had these beautiful pinecone swags that sparkled and thought they would look great.

After adding the pinecones, I wound ribbon all around the arms of the chandelier.

Finally adding berries to the top for color.

The finished product! I love the simplicity of it!!

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