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Decorating for Christmas Without A Christmas Tree!

I saw something the other day and it inspired a great idea. It was a beautiful wall decoration using a bulletin board. It made me think…what about making a Christmas tree on the bulletin board as a perfect alternative for those who may not want to put up a tree but still want the Christmas feeling. College students could be a great example. People who live in small apartments, those who won’t be home for Christmas, elderly who don’t want all the fuss. Just to name a few. By using a bulletin board, you can hang the ornaments and still be able to reminisce, play Christmas music and drink whatever it is you drink while doing it. Best of all, cleanup will be a snap!

Let me show you what I did!

Lucky for me I had a large bulletin board that I snagged from the trash last summer. I took it out of storage, cleaned it up, re-covered it with linen fabric, made a frame, painted the frame white and finally attached it to the board with Liquid Nails.

Here it is ready for my Christmas tree.

Since I will be putting up a tree this year and using my ornaments, I went to the Dollar Tree to get ornaments for my bulletin board tree.

I zhuzhed up some of the ornaments. The bird and silver ring were two separate ornaments and I combined them. I had two of each of the deer and the sleigh, but they were pointing in the same direction, and I wanted them to face each other. To fix this I removed the decorations on one deer and one sleigh and attached it to the other side and just like that they face each other.

I used push pins and white tipped straight pins to attach the ornaments. The push pins worked better with flat pieces and the straight pins with larger ones which allowed the ornaments to hang more freely. To mimic branches, I used white trees to form the outline. While I was filling in the shape, I noticed a lot of empty space. I used white snowflakes to fill the space and it did the trick. Not only did it fill in the space, it also gave it depth and made the other ornaments pop.

I love the way it came out and look forward to making it a part of my Christmas decorations for years to come!

Please leave comments on what you think of this idea and how you might use it. I would love to hear about it!

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