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DIY “Dollar Tree” Holiday Projects!

This week is all about fun projects! I made a Gnome and a snowflake ornament using items from Dollar Tree. Not only are they simple and fun, but would be great to do with kids.

Below are some of the Gnomes I have seen in stores. Which gave me the idea to try doing my own!

Pottery Barn

Hobby Lobby


Most of the materials I used, I purchased at Dollar Tree. I already had these bags, but I did see similar ones at Dollar Tree also .

To create the bodies, the videos online suggested using rice or sand to fill the bags. I used wheat flour.

After the bag was stapled closed, I pulled a sock over it. The socks also came from Dollar Tree.

Unfortunately, there was no white faux fur at The Dollar Tree, so I purchased this on Amazon.

After cutting the fur to size, I hot glued it to the body.

I used wooden knobs I found for the nose.

Put hot glue on the end.

Then pushed it into the fur holding it until it set.

Using a sweater I purchased at Good Will, I cut off part of a sleeve to make a hat. I applied hot glue to create a clean edge and pull the top together.

To camouflage the top I added pom poms.

First Gnome done!

Next, I made a girl Gnome. Using two pair of socks from The Dollar Tree. I cut the toe off the striped sock and glued it together and added a pom pom.

To make the hair I used twine and braided it.

I added a nose and glued on the hair.

I made shoes out of chair leg pads and cardboard. I painted them black and added bells.

Here are the Gnomes I made. The taller one on the right was made from a large Santa hat with brown fur I took apart. Using the brown fur for his beard and the top of the hat for his chapeau.

Waiting for a ride in Santa’s sleigh!

Project #2

I think this would be a great project to do with kids!

Snow flake ornaments using clothespins from Dollar Tree.

Start by removing the clips from clothespins.

The clips came off easily.

Taking the flat side of the clothespin.

Add wood glue.

Place them together wiping off any excess.

You need eight clothespins to create a snowflake.

Using hot I glue I started assembling them.

One by one: glue, hold then add another and repeat.

Once completed, then paint.

I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in white.

Once the paint was dry I glued a smaller ornament (also from Dollar Tree) on top of the snowflake. It added depth and sparkle.

I am sorry to say I did not take a picture of the ornament before I placed it on top.

I love both of these DIY’S. Every time I look at my Gnomes they bring a smile to my face and I can’t wait to put the snowflake ornaments on our tree.

I hope you get a chance to try these projects. If you do, please send me pictures I would love see them!

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