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Entryway Refresh Before The Holidays!

A couple weeks ago for whatever reason I decided to repaint my entryway, and I don’t mean a touch up here and there I mean change the color. I have a beautiful gray-beige color in my front room called Doeskin and wanted to use a complementary color in the entryway. I took myself to Home Depot and picked out Nightingale Gray which was lighter than the Doeskin and Ottertail which was much darker. I painted squares of each on the entryway wall and left it overnight. In the morning I decided I liked the Ottertail which contrasted better with the white moldings and doors. Using the sample, I painted one wall and the treads going up the stairs. This is not how I usually do painting; I take my time and live with the sample squares seeing how they look in daytime and night sometimes taking weeks to decide. I was locked in at this point and needed to paint the rest of the entryway to make a final decision. I went back to Home Depot got a gallon of Ottertail and painted the entire entryway. Guess what? I did not like it!

At this point I started to panic not only did my husband and I have a trip planned to New York City but the holidays were right around the corner. What had I been thinking!

After talking myself down I was able to put it out of my mind while my husband and I took our trip and had a wonderful time. However, when I returned home, I had to face the music and decide what to do.

I liked the dark color in some areas of the entryway where the contrast was very striking but not others like the painted stair treads. It took some repainting walls, stairs and why not throw the ceiling in as well but in the end, I liked the results.

Will I do this ever again? I would like to say no but I know myself and the name of my blog is “Impulsively Creative” after all!

Let’s check out what I did!

This is Ottertail by Behr I told you it was dark.

The stair treads. It looked good to start but was too dark at the end.

I forgot about the French doors. I wanted more of a contrast, so I repainted those as well.

I tried taping the glass, but it took too long.

Much easier to scrape after.


I tinted the ceiling paint with Absolute Zero by Behr. I have done this in my Front room, laundry room, powder room and pantry and love it. When you first put it on it is pretty drastic but once the entire ceiling is painted you really can’t tell. I love painting the ceiling it gives it softer look compared to the stark white.

Recap of what I did. Repainted stair treads back to original color, painted all the walls in entryway Ottertail except the wall going upstairs, the wall on side of stairs and the wall leading into the kitchen from the entryway.

Painting that corner where the dark and light paint meet was a bear but the dark on the doorway to the kitchen just wasn’t right.

I purchased these corbels at the “Purple Painted Lady a couple years ago and finally found a place for them. The shelf is perfect for the space it breaks up the wall color but does not intrude upon entering the house. I chose this artwork because it needed color and I happen to love both prints.

I told my husband this is the mom at the park enjoying the day.

This is the mom at the end of the day after daughter is in bed everything is done for the next day, and she is too exhausted to even read. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

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