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Finishing Touches!

With my annual holiday party coming up, I took Friday off from work and set myself up to clean. I put the music on so I could dance and sing myself through the drudgery. But as it happens, I got side tracked. Sometimes this happens to me (a lot really). It started by tweaking one holiday decoration, then another and another, and another until a few hours had gone by and no cleaning in sight. It looked great though and I checked that off my to do list! I will not be giving you any cleaning tips (Ha Ha), but I will share what I did!

I had already finished this, but wanted to start from the outside in. This was the easiest Christmas flowerbox I have ever done! I bought greens from Wegmans, laid them in the bottom, placed the lantern in the middle, added three holiday stems from Michael’s on either side of lantern and ended with ribbon. Voila!

                                                      The snow looks great with the greenery!

                                                       Time to go inside, its cold out here!

I started with the Newel Post. It is the first thing you see as you walk in the house. So welcoming!

            Remember the vases I worked on? Here they are with the finished mantle!

                                          I am really pleased with the way they came out!

                             All the stockings are hung by the faux chimney with care!

These were such a find! I got them at the after Christmas sale at Target. They are the perfect color and style for my living room.

              I love my old chippy lanterns! Simple design, just tie a bow and add candle.

These trimmings were purchased at Target from the dollar bin area. I wait every year for those items. Such cute Christmas décor, good quality and great prices! Don’t tell anyone else!

                                          This hat reminds me of Frosty the Snowman!

This guy has been with us forever! I used to have him outside sitting on a sled every year. You can tell his gloves used to be a brighter green. He’s earned his stripes and now has a permanent spot in the house every Christmas!

                                           I am going to leave you with this sign. It says it all!

I best get back to cleaning!!

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