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Garden Design Ideas Along A Fence!

A few years ago, our neighbors put up a six-foot stockade fence between our yards that could not be ignored. There was no real issue with it on our part. Our neighbors had two dogs and a toddler and needed the fence for them. The issue was how do I would make it look intentional and blend with my design plan for our backyard.

I finally settled on solar lanterns that I purchased from a Joann Fabrics store. They had been the perfect solution until they stopped working this year. I cleaned them and put them in direct sunlight hoping this would recharge them. When this did not work, I decided to open them up.

I was very surprised and creeped out at what I found!

The lanterns I purchased.

I pried off the top.

When the top came off hundreds of ants and larvae fell out. I screamed and threw the lantern across the lawn (not my proudest moment). Luckily for me the bulb inside is plastic not glass. After getting over the shock, I took the hose and started cleaning it out.

Just typing this is giving me goose bumps and feel like I need a shower!!

The inside of the lanterns had been damaged and would need to be repaired or replaced. Neither of these ideas appealed to me. I was determined to find another solution.

I purchased these solar powered cork lights with the intention of using them in Saratoga sparkling water bottles to light my patio. Instead, I tried them in the lanterns.

I fed the wire into the bulb through the top.

The lights fit perfectly inside.

To hold the top on, I used Gorilla glue.

I placed it on top of the lantern until it set.

The sightline of the lanterns going down the fence is stunning.

I also wanted to add some kind of plant along the fence. I had a very overgrown Hosta that I split into fifteen pieces. I placed thirteen along the fence and gave two to my neighbor.


Even though the Hosta isn’t fully grown it still looks good!

I like the way these lights have a twinkle effect. I may even like these better than the original!

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