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Guest Artist: Laura Abbott

I have been playing around with an idea for the Blog ever since I wrote about The Rochester Public Market and The George Eastman House. I received such positive feedback for each of these posts, it made me think I should do more of this kind of entry. Starting with this post, I am going to try to write about local artists, cultural events, historic sites and anything else that may be fun. I am not sure about the frequency of this kind of feature. It will be more research than my normal posts . With my work, family, weekly Blog schedule it will most likely be quarterly.

Today, I want to introduce all of you to someone I think is an extremely talented artist. Her name is Laura Abbott. After art school, Laura began her career teaching art. She taught in many places. New Hampshire, Syracuse area, and of course here in the Rochester region to name a few. She gives private lessons and has been a staple in the Fairport Canal Days festival as a face painter for over 20 years. Laura’s style is unique. She does not limit herself to one medium. She is always trying different ways to express herself artistically. In her words “Chefs will try new recipes, business men and women embrace new technology, hairstylists use new products, all to expand their knowledge. It is the same with art. Trying different mediums and techniques can only help to make you a better artist!”

I went to Laura’s home to discuss the Blog. As soon as you walk into her home you can tell someone with an artistic eye lives there. Her home is filled with an eclectic array of artwork, found items and heirlooms all working together to form a warm and inviting space. After showing me around her home pointing out the different art projects she had done and her works in progress. We settled on two to share with you. Zentangles Animals, and a watercolor painting she is currently working on.

As I stated before Laura is continually looking for ways to expand herself artistically. She had always wanted to try watercolor painting. When she found a class, that was being taught, by Kathy Armstrong an artist whose work she admired. She signed up!

 Each student in the class picked a photo to work from. Laura chose a Peony.

She then drew the image on newsprint paper using a grid technique. She lightly mark the paper with squares. She said using this technique helps to keep your picture in proportion. Once this is done she then transfers it onto watercolor paper.

Once the picture is drawn on the paper, the real fun began, as she started to fill in with color!

Using a paint pallet, she meticulously brings the painting to life through shading and highlighting.

Here is Laura with her finished watercolor painting. It is so beautiful, can you believe this is her first time using watercolor. Amazing!!

The second project was inspired by Zentagles. Laura had been looking for something to give her grand nieces and nephews as gifts. She decided to make art pieces for each using Zentagle patterns and their favorite animals.

This is an example of the patterns.

She found images online of animals that her grand nieces and nephews liked. She then drew a contour line drawing,

laura (2)

Using the original drawing as reference, she divided it up into logical pieces-like muscles, fins, ears, legs-depending on the animal. The choices are endless for patterns and colors, so that part is what makes it special. She then chose a pattern for each part, outlined it with Micron Pen and added color with Prismacolor pencils. Wow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are the other pieces she did! Lucky nieces and nephews! I love them all, but my favorite is the cow!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Laura! I am excited about this new feature in the Blog. I can not wait to find the next person, place or thing to share with you!

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