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Happy New Year 2020!

I am one lucky girl! I had my holiday tablescape all set in my head. I would use my white dishes, greenery, ornaments and candles. Those plans went right out the window when my mother-in-law asked if I would like her china set. She is in the midst of downsizing and has not used the set in years. When I saw the dishes I immediately fell in love with them! My answer was YES, YES, YES! I obviously wanted to use them this holiday, so I switched gears and started to look for items to work with the dishes.

The pattern is so simple and elegant. The rim has a platinum edge. I decided to go with a wintery theme to play off this.

The first thing I found was this garland! It had white and silver sparkles throughout and complimented the dishes perfectly. I also found four ornaments at Michael’s. They were hidden under greenery waiting for me to find them!

These candlesticks were a wedding gift. When I pulled them out I thought they almost looked like icicles. Again sticking with the wintery theme.

I had everything I needed for the table center so I turned my attention to napkin rings. I looked all over for inexpensive ones, but could not find any I liked. I saw this garland at Michael’s. The attached ornaments looked like mercury glass. I decided to purchase it for $8 and make my own napkin rings.

I cut the ornaments off and put them on a white ribbon. Because they were so fragile I collected the napkin rings when everyone sat down. I probably will not use them in that way again, but they were perfect for this year!

This is the finished table! I could not be happier with the results! The best thing was my mother-in-laws reaction seeing her dishes used again!

When you write a Blog, you hope that people like what you do and are inspired! One of my readers shared with me that my post had done just that! She had been looking for something special to do on Christmas Eve. Her mother had passed away in March and she wanted to honor her in some way. When she saw my Blog post, she knew what she wanted to do. She set a beautiful table to not only celebrate the season but to celebrate her mother as well!

The colors are so rich, the gold accents throughout the room tie in beautifully with the tablescape. I love all the candles. It makes the room glow!

The layering starting with the placemat all the way up to the napkin ring makes your eye travel, appreciating the detail as you go along!

  She did a beautiful job! What a special way to honor someone!

I know in my last post I promised a master bedroom update. Unfortunately, I have been flip flopping over the faux window idea. To balance out the wall with only one window I was going to use shutters to create an illusion of two windows. By doing this I could center the bed on that wall. But trying to find used shutters for both the real and faux window was impossible. I then decided to go with a wall of drapery to camouflage only having one window. I ordered fabric and when it got here I felt it would be too overpowering to have all that fabric on one wall. Luckily, I am able to return the fabric. So, I am back to my original idea to use shutters. I researched and found a company that makes shutter kits. You measure the window and they send a kit for you to assemble and install. The next step is to measure everything and get an idea of price (I am hoping it will be less since you have to assemble and install). At this moment, I am at a standstill. If I can not do the window, I will have to rethink the room set up. In the meantime, I am sure I will find another project to tackle!

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