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Holiday Fun In Rochester, N.Y!

Often times when you live in an area you do not take advantage of the wonderful things available. You take it for granted that you will eventually do them, but you never make time for it. A perfect example was when I started dating my husband. He was originally from Brooklyn N.Y so I assumed he had seen the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island etc. Not only had he not visited any of the sites neither had his family. On our next trip to Brooklyn I initiated a tour of all the sites and we had a blast! Unfortunately for me I have become one of those people. Rochester has a plethora of activities and I have decided to take part in a few this holiday season. My first adventure was to the George Eastman House Museum for there annual Gingerbread house display. This is the historic mansion of the late George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak, and one of the greatest philanthropists the world has ever known. The Rochester community has benefitted so much from his generosity. The University of Rochester wouldn’t be a top 30 research university in the country and MIT would have gone out of business if it weren’t for George Eastman’s legacy. You can learn more about him and the holiday ginger bread house display they have every year at

                                      The Eastman House looks so pretty at night!

The entrance fee was $15, which covered all exhibits in the museum.

This is the first Gingerbread Creation on display as you enter. This sets the tone that they will not all be houses.

                                                               The detail is amazing!

                              Look at the water feature in this creation. It is so cool!

                                           Try and guess what children’s book this is?

                                              Here come Mama, Papa and Baby bear!

  My favorite! I think the shutters and door are made with sticks of gum who would have   thought!

                            I wonder how many hours were put into these designs?

                                          Looks like a Currier and Ives Christmas Card.

                                      We all know who that is! There’s no place like home!

                                  I love how these two Curler’s look like they are in action!

                             The Purple Painted Lady is in the show! Does she ever sleep?

                                     This makes me want coffee or ice cream so bad…

                                                                          So creative!

                                                                  The Peanuts Gang!

                                              I will leave you with Santa in the Hot Tub!

There are too many designs to show you all of them. But I hope I gave you an idea of the variety of pieces and the amount of time and effort that went into each!

Next week The Rochester Public Market!

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