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How To Create An Accent Wall With Paint!

I was planning on writing about my cottage garden in my blog this week, but heavy rain kept me indoors last week. Not a bother though. I just chose one of the many projects that are bouncing around in my head. In this case, an accent wall in our family room.

I have done accent walls in the past only to have an uneven transition between the two colors. I was able to fix it, but it took many do overs until I got the sharpness I was looking for. To avoid having to redo the wall, I used a technique I saw on You Tube on how to create a the perfect edge.

Let’s see how the technique worked:

This is the wall in question. I like the color in the room, but I always felt like the couch and lamps disappeared against it.

I chose Ottertail from Behr. It is a complimentary color to Doeskin also by Behr which is on the other walls in the family room.

I taped off the baseboard and crown molding.

Then I abutted the tape between the two walls. This part is key to using the technique I spoke of.

Once the tape was on, I applied the paint color that is already on the wall (Doeskin) to the edge of the tape to create a seal.

I was skeptical but had nothing to lose at this point so I started painting.

As I was painting, I saw the couch and lamps started to pop against the color.

Done! All that’s left is to pull off the tape (fingers crossed).

I would say painting over the tape was a successful technique! No do overs needed!

I never would have thought an accent wall would make such a difference. It not only draws your eye in it also makes the room look bigger.

The couch and lamps definitely don’t disappear into the wall now. Love the change!

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