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How To Do Dry-Brushing On A Secretary Desk Part One!

The first time I saw this piece I was smitten. The lines, the medallion and scroll work were a perfect candidate for dry brushing a technique I have been wanting to try. I know my wood lover friends think it is beautiful as is, but there was too much damage (which you will see in a minute) to be saved.

Like in past projects, there was a lot more prep work than I expected and also like the other projects, I did question why I had purchased it. In the end like many of my projects I am glad I did!

Let’s see what happened…

Look at that medallion definitely drool worthy.

I am not a fan of this piece of molding on top, so I removed it.

It had been glued as well as nailed in, so it took some work to get it off.

I had to use pliers for the stubborn nails.

Next was cleaning which is twofold. You clean but also check the piece closely for anything that may need a tweak.

This was the third rag, yuck!

I didn’t like the hardware that was on the piece, so I removed it. In order to put on the single knob that I want, I needed to fill the holes first.

I have seen this product used by other furniture refinishers on You Tube and the results were great. So, I decided to give it a try.

The directions were easy to follow. Scoop out puddy, add hardener, stir and apply. The fumes were very strong. Definitely use it in a well-ventilated area.

When I was cleaning the desk, I noticed that some of the veneer was lifting off. I used a putty knife to pull up the loose veneer then took it off. Once it was off, I filled it in with Bondo.

I also used the Bondo to fix two of the edges on the drop door that were chipped.

Everything sanded and ready to paint!

There were so many things I had to repair on this piece I did not have enough time to finish it this week. Make sure to look for part two next week I can’t wait to share!

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