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Ideas For Spring Patio Cleanup!

It’s that time of year to get ready for summer! I have already been working in my gardens but now it is time to tackle the patio. It needs a good clean and a pop of color.

Let’s see what I did!

The first part of the cleanup was the windows that look over the patio. They had collected a lot of dirt over the fall and winter months. I used vinegar and water and microfiber cloths. A friend told me about the microfiber cloths. They do an amazing job!

Nothing like clean windows!

Our wrought iron table and chairs also took a beating over the winter and needed to be repainted.

Using a wire brush, my husband smoothed out any rough edges and loose paint before spraying.

Then he used RUST-OLEUM flat black to spray paint them. We always use RUST-Oleum on our outdoor projects. It goes on easy and wears well.

The patio set after painting. It looks brand new!

Ready to pressure wash the patio. I was smart this time and wore boots. The last time I used a pressure washer my feet got soaked.

Once you get everything set up it is fairly easy to use.

What a difference!

We went to Wayside Garden Center in Macedon NY to pick out flowers for the two large pots I am going to use on the patio. Originally, I was going to buy individual flowers and create my own design but quickly changed my mind when I saw the hanging baskets.

I am so glad I went with the hanging basket option. They add the pop of color I was looking for and the combinations of flowers are beautiful.

I also picked up two ferns to add to the mix.

All the little touches made it feel so welcoming.

Here is the finished patio. The best thing is I only had to purchase flowers and plants. The rest I just shined up!

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