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Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops! Drywall dust and Allergies…Oh My

When we decided to do the renovation I knew there would be some inconveniences. But I had no idea I would be living in a hotel because of my allergies. I’ve been dealing with allergies for years and get injections regularly. I figured the construction would irritate my allergies, but I was totally unprepared for the extreme reaction I had to drywall dust. The minute they started drywalling inside the house it was unbearable. I ended up getting a sinus infection and started taking an antibiotic. When that did not work my doctor prescribed another antibiotic plus a steroid. At that point, I knew it was time to get out! I checked into a hotel for a few days and now I am at my mother -in-laws in Binghamton N.Y. The good news is drywalling should be finished this week! Hopefully, I can return to the fray where I belong!

I am going to admit that I have been collecting pictures of white kitchens for many years. One time I was scrolling pictures on my my phone and my friend noticed all my pictures . “That’s a lot of white kitchens”. She said. My reply; you can never have to many pictures of white kitchens! There is something about white kitchens. White is a universal color, it works well with any style. It can lend itself to sleek and modern or traditional and timeless. Its like the classic white shirt. Its perfect for weekends or at the office. A night on the town or a night in watching movies. Best of all it never goes out of style! When the moment came to finally start picking out cabinets and countertops we went to the local big-box store. We worked with a very nice young lady. She helped us pick out cabinetry and counter tops from their selections and made a mock up of the design. When we showed our contractor, Vinny of VJ construction he said he works with someone who makes custom cabinetry. The look on our faces must have said; “There’s no way we can afford custom cabinetry”. Because our contractor said they could work within our budget. We still were not convinced, but nonetheless made an appointment to see Nick from VHI CABINET. We thought we could at least hear what he had to say. Nick is a great guy. He worked with us and determined that we would be able to get custom cabinetry. We were pleasantly surprised. He even showed us where the cabinets would be made. Over the following weeks we made our final decisions on wall and island cabinets and a range hood. When it came time to pick out counters. You guessed it our contractor knew a guy. That what comes with working construction for years. Much To our benefit! So, we made an appointment with Sam of North American Stone. Sam was easy to work with. He helped us a make a decision that worked with our design and budget. So exciting!

The moment finally came to pick out the cabinets and counter top for our kitchen. All my white kitchen dreams are coming true!

There were so many selections at VHI Cabinets. No wonder it took us weeks to make a decision.

Love this kitchen island color!!

Measure and cut

Nailed and glued

All the joints are Dovetailed

This is an illustration of Dovetailed. The joints are glued together for a stronger hold.

Each order is made to the specifics of each kitchen. In a few weeks that will be our Cabinets being made!

This machine gets programed with the specific measurements and automatically cuts doors.

Each door gets placed in this machine for edging.

This veneer tape is run through machine.

What side of door looked like before.

What it looked like after going through machine.

I am just saying! There would be no need for a hotel room. If I had a sawdust collector in my house!

After all the pieces are put together they go for painting or stain.

Another example of what they can do !

Some of our cabinet doors will have glass also.

After spraying. Of course I picked the white cabinets!

This is what my hood will look like.

Each of this bins contain s someone’s order. Soon ours will be amongst them!

The door color is Hearthstone we chose that for the island. The smaller block color is designer white that is for the cabinets.

This is the quartz countertop we chose.

I will be sharing pictures of North American Stone in the future. When our stone arrives we are going to see it actually cut. I will take pictures of the entire process and post it on the Blog.

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