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Laundry Room/Mud Room Reveal!

Our laundry room/mudroom is finally done! It took nine months to complete and definitely had some challenges along the way. Having the laundry on the first floor is amazing in itself, but having a place for shoes, boots and coats is even more so. One of my pet peeves are shoes in the foyer as you come in the door. With the laundry right off the entrance from the garage, now everyone can take off their shoes and coats before entering the main part of the house. Just the idea makes me do a happy dance in my head!

I remember when I was writing this blog entry. I was trying to explain my vision and having no success. I finally just drew on the picture to explain.

I wanted a utility sink for the laundry room with character. I could have purchased a new one, but I was not willing to pay over a thousand dollars. Instead, I bought one to refinish.

I used the Rust-Oleum Sink and Tub refinishing kit. I also asked my readers to help me choose between black and yellow paint for the sink base. Yellow won out!

For this entire project, I was making decisions about long term items such as flooring, counter tops and cabinets that had classic style and would stand the test of time. To me this tile will never go out of style with its timeless pattern and neutral color. It is one for the long haul!

Picking out wallpaper was a time consuming process. I knew I wanted something that was fun, but not too over the top. I looked at many samples and this one just spoke to me. The pattern and color is not too over powering and will go with anything. It makes me smile every time I go in there!

Next the lighting fixtures and washer and dryer were installed. This is when things came to a stand still. Our contractor was having problems finding a plumber who would put in the utility sink. The drain needed to be replaced and he was afraid the sink would break. The sink also weighs a lot and needed extra support. Our contractor ended up changing the drain. He also found out the framer had put in extra support knowing we were going to hang the sink. With the drain done and enough support, he was able to find a plumber and get it installed!

I was so excited to finally see my sink hung up! Unfortunately, we had some glitches. The original faucet we picked out was too long so we had to replace it. The replacement had a pin hole leak in the metal and a fine stream of water was spraying out like a fountain so we had to order yet another one. Finally, it all came together and the sink was installed.

When the plumber was finished putting in the sink it was scraped up quite a bit. It was no fault of the plumber. He had to tighten the faucets and the finish came off.

Rust-Oleum has a repair kit for touch ups like this. I ordered it and while I waited, worked on shelves for shoe storage.

We built the shelves to hold shoes and boots. However, we purposely built it tucked around the corner so none of it could be seen from the dining room. Because it may look pretty now, but with boys who have size twelve and thirteen size shoes, it won’t always look this good.

Here is the result after I used the Rust-Oleum repair kit and touched up the base of the sink with yellow paint. I think it looks fantastic!

These are the hooks I put up for coats and bags. The finish is an antique wrought iron. It adds texture and character.

Each person has their own shelf. The shelves are lined with clear plastic to protect it from wet shoes. On the top shelf there is a bin (m) for mittens, (h) for hats. To the left of the shelves is a place for my broom and mop.

Under the shelves is a place for boots.

I had to return the bench I originally purchased for the space. After the shelves went in, it was too big. I replaced it with this metal bistro chair. It looks great and does not take up to much room

This is another shelf above the washer and dryer. The brackets are the same as the ones I used in the powder room, except I did not paint these.

I love these bins. They have a pale gray stripe. It looks great with the wall paper!

Because the washer and dryer needs to be away from the wall, all the wiring and tubing behind it was a real eyesore!

We build a unit that goes right over the top to hide it all. It also provides a place to put things like the cute soap dish a dear friend gave me in the perfect shade of yellow.

Lastly, my Bee Plates. Bee Kind, Bee Joyful and Let’s Bee Friends. Could not have said it better!

I think I accomplished most everything I set out to do. I have shoe and boot storage. A place for mittens, hats and coats. A niche for my broom and mop. Another shelf for detergent and what not. A sink to wash brushes and cut flowers. I do have a hanger for my ironing board and iron, but the cute ironing board cover did not come in time and the one I have has a burn mark on it. The only thing I do not have is a place to fold clothes. All my other boxes were checked off so I am okay with that!

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