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Long awaited Herringbone Tile!

This is the fifth month of construction and the third week we have been sleeping in a tent. To say I am ready for the addition/renovation to be done would be an understatement! Tent life has been fun at times and a real pain at others. Like when it rained all night and our blankets got wet, or when the skunk was outside the tent and sprayed. Luckily for us in the other direction. On a positive note we also learned that we like camping in a tent. My husband is from Brooklyn and was never keen on tenting. Now he’s onboard with a camping trip with my son and his girlfriend in the spring. I also want to thank all my friends who graciously offered their homes to me. I appreciate all of your generosity. Knowing that I had a alternative place to stay meant a lot to me! But, I really like being home, seeing my family everyday and being part of the addition/renovation progress on a daily basis. Like being able to see how the herringbone tile was laid in the hallway and laundry room. This is an extra special part of the project for me . I had a vision for how the hallway and laundry room would look with a charcoal grey tile in a herringbone pattern. What I found though was that it was not so easy to find the tile I was looking for. All of the local tile shops had larger tiles that would not work in the space, but none in the size and shape that I was envisioning. We saw a TV commercial about Rochester Flooring and decided to try there. At first, it looked like they would not be able to help us either. But to the credit of the salesperson at the store, he would not give up on it. And voila! He found it for us. The perfect tile! They ordered it for us and when it came in, I knew it was going to look amazing!

It was done in sections over a few days. The tilers like everyone else who has worked in our home were so professional and talented. It took hours to work out the pattern on the floor. Watching them meticulously cut and create the herringbone pattern was a sight to see!

This is the beginning of the pattern. We were asked which way we wanted the direction of the tile. I chose to have it pointing toward the garage entrance showing people the way out.

Laying this much tile took them all day. That is how precise they were!

He was on his knees the entire time. The other tiler cut the tile and gave it to him. He was in the zone totally engrossed in his task!

When they started to go into the laundry room they used a board to walk back and forth. You aren’t suppose it walk on it until it sets. They also had little scooters. I wanted to try one!

We chose light grey grout so the tile would pop!

Both the hall and laundry room were completed today!

I am in love with this floor!

The rest of the grout needs to be cleaned off, but oh so pretty!

The laundry room will have the utility sink and washer and dryer put in this week. No more laundromat! Yeah!

In the next couple weeks our kitchen cabinets and countertop should be installed! Can’t wait!!

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