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Making Christmas Ornaments Using Iron Orchid Designs And Redesign Prima Moulds!

I had so much fun making Christmas ornaments in 2021 that I wanted to do it again in 2022! I still need to make more clothespin snowflake ornaments to fill in the tree, but I also want to try making ornaments out of resin using moulds from Iron Orchids Design and Redesign Prima.

These are the two Iron Orchid Design Moulds I will be using, Birdsong, and Baubles. Both have the makings for beautiful ornaments!

The picture I took of my Re-Design with Prima Jewel Snowflake Mould did not come out and since I am away writing this post, I cannot take a new one. Later in the post there is a picture of it making a mould. Sorry about that!

I have used Amazing Resin and their casting mold to replace pieces of trim on furniture. I was surprised at how easy it was to use.

To start I poured equal parts of bottle A and bottle B in separate cups.

Then I mixed them together to start activation.

I stirred until it was clear.

It starts working right away so don’t take too long to get it into the moulds.

When it turns completely white it is done.

It pops right out.

Really cool!

Make more resin, pour more moulds, create more ornaments!

When you remove the ornament, it is recommended to put a base coat of paint for better adhesion of finishes later.

I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

Amazing detail!

My Re-Design with Prima Jewel Snowflake Mould.


Look at all the possibilities! I really had no direction, so I played!

Here is what I played with.

I started with Mod Padge because ornaments need glitter.

I did not want to cover the detail, so I applied the Mod Podge in certain areas.

Then I sprinkled Iridescent Glitter on.

I brushed off the excess.

Now for the detail. I used Re-Design Decor Wax in silver.

Love it!

Next were the Jewel Snowflakes. I have wanted to try Annie Sloan Pearlescent Glaze for a while. I thought it would give the snowflakes a soft glow.

I put on two coats.

The glaze not only gave it a subtle glow, it brought out the details as well.

I will definitely be using this glaze again!

I had yet to make a really shiny ornament, so I went silver with my birds.

I painted both birds using Re-Design Decor Wax in silver.

Then let it snow glitter!

For these ornaments I wanted to try an old-world look. I painted them with Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral.

Once it dried, I applied ArtMinds white wax then wiped it off.

It almost looks like stone or aged wood.

In the end I decided I wanted glitter. The four on the right have iridescent glitter and the two on the left have fine silver glitter.

I can’t wait to add these to my Christmas tree this year!

To hang the ornaments, I will hot glue small ring picture holders (see picture below) on then I can slip the hook through.

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