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Mirror Redo For Powder Room!

This week has been a challenge. My back went out and I could not get out of bed. After a couple of days I was able to stand and walk around a bit. Even though I was feeling better, I still stayed mostly in our bedroom to rest. I know myself to well. If I were downstairs, I would be looking at all the projects I had planned to do and try to do them. In doing so, I would have put myself back to square one. It took an entire week, but I am back to normal and ready to get going. The first thing I did was refinish an antique mirror. I am planning on using it in the new powder room. I found the mirror at Rehouse Architectural Salvage in Rochester, NY. I bought it at the same time I purchased the utility sink I just refinished . The bones of the mirror were great, but some of the detail work had been painted and there were panels on the sides I did not like. But I knew it would be a beautiful piece in the end.

This is the mirror. You can see the painted areas and the wood panels.

I used Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint.

I painted the wood panels making sure to get into all the crevices.

It worked great covering up the painted areas.

This is what it looked like when everything was painted.

Next I used Annie Sloan Black Wax.

I put it on the areas I painted.

I did the same to the wood panels.

Then I wiped it off with a paper towel.

After everything was waxed, I used steel wool to shine some areas.

The panels look like it was this way all the time.

The detailing is beautiful!

I am really pleased with how the mirror came out. It will look great in the powder room!

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