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More Rochester, N.Y Holiday Delights!

Rochester N.Y is filled with wonderful things to do during the holiday season! They offer a multitude of activities for all celebrations, Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa. See some great things here! The activities are for all age groups, very kid friendly and a lot of them are free! I was able to go to Eastman House last week to see the Gingerbread House exhibit and attend “Holiday At The Public Market”, a tradition that has been happening for 25 years! Holiday fun at the Rochester Public Market.

IMG_5406 (2)
IMG_5392 (2)

The first thing I saw, were the boughs and the amazing prices! I will definitely be back next year to get greens for my holiday flower boxes!

Boxwood Wreaths!!! The prices were out of this world inexpensive!!! Boxwoods are my favorite wreaths. They are so vibrant and beautiful. You can hang them with just a ribbon and they look great! I am making my next year list. Boughs, boxwoods…..

After the greens you enter the outdoor vendor area. Yes, that is snow, also it was windy and very cold! But that does not keep Rochesterian’s away!

So many talented artisans! What a clever way to use and old carriage!

This ornament was made from a gourd, look at the detail!

The giraffe was also from the same booth. They were all made by artisans who are a part of “One World Projects”. “One World Projects” strives to reduce poverty, restore balance in nature, and promote peace by giving artisans around the world a chance to earn fair wages and improve their lives and communities.


more signs….

and even more beautiful signs of all shapes and sizes!

Inspiration for next year! I will be on the lookout for an old sled!

Here’s a Santa…

There’s a Santa…

Everywhere a Santa!

Will the real Santa please stand up! (Ho, Ho, Ho)

They also had carriage rides!

Even with the snow and cold the kids and adults really enjoyed the carriage ride!

The ride brings you to the indoor pavilion where the food is!

There is something for everyone! The aroma as I entered the pavilion made my mouth water!

“Cosimano e Ferrari” Olive oil company offered free Olive Oil tastings. Delicious!

They also sell lotions and soap.

“Taste of Supreme” offers 100% gluten free baked goods. I would serve these to everyone, not just my gluten free friends. Taste of Supreme website

I purchased this pot pie for my son at “Newbury Park Pastries”. It did not stand a chance!

I had lunch at

Hettie’s Delites Café! The food was delicious and the portions very generous!

It is fitting to leave you with this piece of artwork that represents the many offerings of “The Rochester Public Market” and the coming together of its diverse culture! I was told it took three years to finish and by the intricate work and detailing, I believe it!

After experiencing “Holidays At the Public Market” it is now going to be an annual tradition for me!

Happy Holidays to all! May your New Year bring peace and joy!

My next post will be in “2020”! Master bedroom progress!

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