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New construction site and deal of the day!

For the past six months or so we have been in the planning stages of doing an addition to our house. The reason we need to add on is so my mother-in-law can come live with us. I know some of you are thinking this, so yes it is a good thing. I adore my mother-in-law! The plans had been approved and we were waiting for construction to begin when the Coronavirus struck and everything was shut down. We all understood and had no problem putting everything on the back burner until it was safe to start.

As of Friday however, New York State has had a partial reopening. This includes construction, manufacturing and some retail stores. Our contractor let us know that he could start breaking ground on Monday. If everything works out, the project will take about four months. In order to add on the space for my mother-in-law on the first floor, we will need to also bump out our kitchen to connect the new space with the existing house. Another consideration for us was to create space for our washer and dryer on the first floor so my mother-in-law will have access to it also. Most importantly, we need to build in all of the things that will make my mother-in-law’s new space feel like home for her. Lots of moving parts and pieces to say the least.

Over the next few months I will be sharing the transformation of our home. In preparation, I have been transferring plants to the back of our yard to protect them during construction. I have moved six bushes, three hydrangeas and two rose of Sharon plants. Whew!

I do want to share with you my deal of the day! I have been checking Craigslist every week or so for years in hopes of finding French style dining chairs. It started when I actually found four French chairs and purchased them. Ever since I have been on the lookout. When I say years, I mean years. Probably 10  years but who’s counting? They are hard to come by. As I found out, I am not the only one looking for them.

Last week, I was checking again and there was an add for eight French dining chairs. It only showed one, an arm chair, and that seemed like it was in great condition. And they were still available! The seller and I discussed social distancing, and we agreed that she would put the chairs in garage, and open door when we arrived. She wore a mask and so did I. When I got there and saw the chairs, I was so excited. They were in great condition, except some of them needed new caning. The chairs themselves were solid and well built. I asked the price and she said twenty dollars. I thought she meant twenty dollars for each chair, which would still have been a great deal. But, she was only asking twenty dollars for all eight chairs. She said they needed repair and she already had a new dining set. I took them and if I say I was beyond excited, that is an understatement!

Here are the chairs. They need work, but they are beautiful! There are only seven in the picture because I started to work on one already.

My tools for taking off upholstery. This job is on par with painting the ceiling as one of my least favorite jobs to do!

                                                Look at all those staples to be pulled!

                 The beauty of the chair, and the results at the end will keep me going.

The next weeks and months are going to be so overwhelming, exciting and unbelievable. I can not wait to share the step by step progress with all of you along the way!

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