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Painting the ceiling ( not a job I love!)

There are jobs everyone hates to do. Cleaning the bathroom, picking up dog doo doo, cleaning litter boxes etc. I am in the process of doing a job I hate to do. Painting a ceiling! Usually, I paint ceilings every few years. Unless, someone tried to knock a spider off the ceiling with a shoe. Which is what happened in this case! Besides, craning your neck, or having paint drip in your hair, the most frustrating part is losing track of where you already painted. If the ceiling you are painting is white and the paint is white, when it starts to dry and it is very difficult to keep track of where you left off. Because of this, I came up with a system to help keep me straight!

Here is said footprint on the ceiling. I did try to clean it but being a matte finish it is hard to get out.

                         My choice of paint: Behr interior ultra pure white ceiling paint.

     I love this little gadget! It fits right into the paint can and when you pour, it doesn’t  drip.

              Plastic on the floor, a roller and pole extension so I can reach ceiling.

It is hard to see, which is why I use this system in the first place. I start in the corner and push my roller above the molding making sure I get the paint right up to the edge. I will do this for about a foot.

I then go the length of the room staying in that foot line. Then repeat the process going back and forth the entire length until the ceiling is done.

After I am done I do not clean up until the entire ceiling is dry. This way if I missed a spot I will not have to take everything out again.

         After painting the ceiling I went around and painted the ceiling molding.

That is about all I did this week. I was feeling under the weather. It turns out I have a sinus infection. I was able to get an antibiotic and am feeling better. Just need to rest up a few days!

Next step in the family room is to mud the walls in preparation for a new wall treatment. They were damaged in some parts from removing the wainscoting.

Stay well everyone!

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