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Part One: Decoupage Over Glass? Yes, You Can!

Last week I worked on an old metal filing cabinet for my office. Next in my plan is a cabinet to hold all my chalk paint. Let’s just say I am not the neatest painter, and it is better for the cans to be behind closed doors. I have a cabinet, but it has glass doors which defeated the purpose of hiding my mess. I researched a little bit and found out you can decoupage over glass however I had not done it. I was a little nervous about it. I pictured myself using a razor blade to get the paper off, but I did not want to purchase another cabinet, so I went ahead with it.

Let’s do this!

This is the cabinet I was talking about. It is great, but you would be able to see everything inside.

The first step was painting the front including the glass with Zinsser primer. It created an even background for behind the decoupage paper.

I chose Karen’s Technicolor Bouquet from Mint By Michelle decoupage paper. It is so colorful. Just perfect to store all my paint.

To attach the decoupage paper, I used Roman wallpaper adhesive. There are other products you can use but this has always worked for me.

I ripped the edges all around the paper. This will give it more of a hand painted look once it is placed on the glass.

I took my time starting at the top and moved down. I added paste on the cabinet then laid the decoupage paper on top and smoothed it out with a large chip brush.

You are supposed to wait until the paper is dry before cutting. I know this but I did it anyway and this is what happened. No worries. I purchased a smaller version of Karen’s Technicolor Bouquet decoupage paper that I can use along with paint to fix the tears.

I took several cuts from the smaller version of Karen’s Technicolor Bouquet.

Then I matched them up and decoupaged them on the cabinet.

Using my acrylic paints, I blended them together.

The process took quite a while.

The results were worth it. You cannot tell where it was torn at all.

I gathered all my tools to do the next part. Using Annie Sloan Giverny, Antibes, and English Yellow chalk paint, several Craft Smart acrylic paints, the rest of the smaller decoupage paper and various brushes all to extend the decoupage design further onto the cabinet.

I started by giving the vase a bottom.

I started working with my paints to match the colors in the decoupage paper. I used a paint brush and ragging technique to blend.

Adding details like flowers as I went.

I knew I needed to keep going so I chose a color and went for it!

I took Annie Sloan Giverny chalk paint and water and started painting.

I wanted it to look like flowers had fallen from the bouquet, so I used the rest of the smaller decoupage paper to achieve this.

Cutting out the flowers and placing them along the bottom of the vase.

I used tape until I knew exactly where I wanted them. Then decoupaged them on.

I am very pleased with the progress so far. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I like it.

If you enjoyed the post, please like it. Make sure to check back next week to see the before and after reveal!

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