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Part Two Of Decoupaged Cigar Box!

A few weeks ago, I transformed an old cigar box using “Decoupage Queen’s” decoupage rice paper. I loved the way it looked and received wonderful feedback on the finished product.

Even though I loved the piece, I felt like it needed more. The inside of the box had been cleaned and painted but nothing else.

On the original piece, I extended the decoupage paper over the edge by hand painting and blending to create a seamless look. I was pleased with the results and really wanted to try it again. With my newfound courage, I decided to hand paint something on the inside that would complement the decoupage on the outside.

With this in mind, I put my thinking cap on!

As I was looking at the original decoupaged box, I got an idea. I wanted to paint wings on the inside with a crown overhead.

First, I drew in the wings then began to add color. I tried to match the colors from the Bluebird Queen decoupage as best I could.

Note to self-make enough color to paint both wings. I really struggled here trying to recreate the colors I used on the other side. There was a lot of painting over and trying again, but I eventually got it.

This is what you call a big fail! I lived with it awhile, but I was just not feeling it. You guessed it I painted over the crown and repainted the top of the wings.

I took a break from painting and added feet to the box using dowel caps I had from another project.

I hadn’t given up on having a crown, but I just wanted something smaller. I ordered this stamp from Amazon which was more the scale I wanted.

I also wanted to add some background on the inside that was similar to the outside. I had cardstock with script writing on it that worked perfectly. In hindsight, I should have put this on first and painted the wings on the cardstock. Instead of having to maneuver around the already painted wings.

After using wallpaper paste to attach the cardstock, I aged it with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.

I glued the feet on the bottom of box then painted them gold.

It took a lot of work, but I am so glad I persevered!

The finished product!

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