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Powder Room Revealed!

As the addition/renovation project is coming to an end, I find myself at odds with my emotions. As each project gets completed, there is relief. But also a sense of sadness. In my case, this feeling of loss is only natural. In reality, it has not just been an eight month renovation, it has been years in the making. I have been renovating and reimagining my home in my head for as long as I can remember. Moving closets, knocking down walls, changing layouts etc., etc., etc. To me, this is not just the end of the renovation, but the closing of a large chapter in my life. Many of the things I imagined, or couldn’t have imagined, are coming to fruition.

One of which has just been completed: The Powder Room!

We started with the hanging of this gorgeous wallpaper (which you all helped me choose).

Remember the frame I refinished with the intent of making it into a mirror for the bathroom.

This is as far as we got for awhile. We had to wait for the floor to be finished so the plumber could do his job, but we were finally able to move forward.

Once the sink and toilet were in, I was able to start the details of the design. I needed a small table or stand, but wanted something that would keep the space feeling as open as possible. I thought a shelf would be the perfect solution. I already had a pair of wrought iron brackets and of course plenty of left over wood in the garage.

The brackets were black, which was to strong a color for the powder room. I painted them with Annie Sloan, Paris Grey Chalk Paint.

The finish turned out like the pewter finish on frame I refinished. Really cool!

Its just the right size to hold the soap and towels.

Speaking of the frame I refinished, here it is with the mirror glass set into it; I think it looks smashing!

I made this art work using a shadow frame and small plates I had. I love how you can see it reflected in the the mirror as you look in.

I think it looks great!

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