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Reimagined Music Cabinet!

I have made great progress on the Music Cabinet and I am very excited to share the results! In the last post, I painted it with Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint and gilded the inside back wall with gold leafing.

When I painted I kept the grooved slats in case I might have a use for them. After finalizing my design concept, I decided to remove them.

Once the slats were removed I touched up the paint and gold leaf. I liked the result, but it drew your eye to the uneven gilded edges on the back corners.

I looked around the garage and found some quarter round molding and thought it might do the trick. I cut it to size and painted it with Annie Sloan Athenian Black to match the  cabinet.

I glued the quarter round  pieces into place and immediately knew it was the right decision.  It created the clean line I was looking for.

When I started working on this piece, I knew I wanted it to be a wine cabinet. I went back and forth about how the wine would be stored. I thought about an x design “wine rack” built into the cabinet, but I wanted the wine bottles to create interest and become part of the design. I settled on individual shelves running across the width and each shelf would hold five bottles. So, I cut six 1 x 1 pieces of wood that I used as support for the three shelves.

Once in place, I painted them with the Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk paint.

I used 12 x 1 select pine for the shelves. Again, painting with Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint.

I needed something to keep the wine bottles from moving on the shelf, so I added four half rounds to each shelf to accommodate the bottles.

I already had these knobs from another project and thought they would be perfect. I painted them (wait for it) with Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint.

I needed to bring the gold from inside the cabinet to the outside. I turned to one of my favorite items, Craft Smart metallic wax.

I used my finger to apply the wax. It has a creamy texture and goes on like butter.

Use small amounts when applying and gently touch it with your finger.

Continuing with a light touch, I went over the raised pattern on the top of knob. It highlighted the detail beautifully!

Love it!

The finished piece! Going with a dark color and removing the original filigree detailing on the drawer gave it a more dramatic look!

We did not have enough wine on hand to fill it, but for the wine enthusiast, it will hold fifteen bottles.

The gold leafing inside gives you a surprise when you open it!

I love the way it shimmers behind the glassware.

Doing the shelves this way creates more interest and breaks up the negative space.

music 9

I was not certain that just having gold wax on the knobs would be enough. I am glad I went with my gut though. I think it warms up the outside and gives a hint of what is happening on the inside.

I got this copper pot at a garage sale for two dollars. (random information, but this is the first time I am using it.) It is so pretty, it was worthy of a plug!

Originally, I did not like this piece. The more ornate detailing that it came with just did not fit my vision. Once I streamlined it by removing the intricate designs, it was game on! Welcome to the world Reimagined Bar Cabinet!!

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