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Secretary Desk Part Two: The Reveal!

After all the repairs I had to do last week on the secretary desk, I thought this week would be a breeze. Not so much! I took a video of myself painting the desk with Annie Sloan Oxford Blue paint and dry brushing with Athenian Black, Napoleonic Blue, and French linen. Unfortunately, I could not get the video to load. I also did not take pictures so there is no footage of me painting. Sorry!

I did capture the rest of the process so let’s get to it!

Where it started.

While painting the desk I decided to update the desk by removing the cubbies. I felt most people wouldn’t use them and it gave it much more space to work.

See what I mean about space!

I wanted to brighten up the inside so I decoupaged using Blue Flight by Decoupage Queen.

Trying to work in that small space was difficult. I had to pull the paper up and realign it a few times.

I just took my time and it worked itself out.

Once the paper was dry, I used a sanding brick to remove the excess and give it a clean line.

The paper is perfect with the colors in the desk.

In this picture you can see how I dry-brushed using Annie Sloan Athenian Black, French Linen and Napoleonic Blue to give it depth.

The big reveal! I love it!

I promise to work on being able to upload videos. It would be fun to share what I am doing as I’m doing it!

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