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The Excavator has arrived!

After six months of waiting, ground has finally been broken! Who knew having a big hole in your backyard could be so exciting! There is no going back now! I have to say my poor husband handled the tearing up of his beautifully manicured lawn very well. I think maybe all of us are a little in awe of big machines tearing stuff up! We watched from the kitchen window, as Glen from ( Glen Amesbury & son) handled the excavator. He was so precise and squared the corners perfectly. Glen has definitely done this before! It took just a day and a half to dig out the area. Big trucks hauled all the dirt away. Again, very cool to watch! On Friday, two men came to set up the wood forms for pouring concrete for the foundation. I have no idea what that means. I am just repeating what they said. The rain kept them from finishing. They should be back on Mondayto complete it and concrete will be poured on Tuesday!

Glen heading to the backyard!

I wanted to get a picture of my husbands grass before it was gone. It looks great doesn’t it?

There goes the lawn!

This is what it looked like after the first day.

That night, the two bunnies that frequent our yard came by. They were like… What!

It took eight truck loads to remove all the dirt.

After all the dirt was removed, they started assembling the wood form to pour concrete.

This is a view from the back. It definitely helps with envisioning the space. Next week, concrete will be poured and who knows what else!

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