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Transitions Are Hard!

In my last post, I spoke about my mother-in-law taking ill and going to Binghamton to care for her. I am still here in Binghamton and my husband Matt is back in Rochester N.Y. He is frantically trying to finish my mother-in-laws room so she can move in as soon as possible. While I am here we are beginning the process of packing up her home. We have worked out a system. I clean up the items set them out for her to look at and she decides what to do with it. We are taking it slow not just because of her health, but the fact that these items represent her life for the past sixty plus years. I wish we could take everything, but she has a large old house and has been collecting for a very long time! To help in the process, we made categories; absolute’s ( can’t live without) , maybe’s ( not ready to let go) , and it can “go bye- bye”.

Meanwhile, the addition/renovation continues to move along. They installed the range hood (it looks good) and will be working on the hardwood floors this week. We saved the wood floors we already had and where there are now gaps, unfinished floor will be weaved in and the new areas will also get the unfinished flooring. Once it is laid they will sand, stain and polyurethane it all. This process includes the kitchen, dining room, pantry, powder room and my office. The floors are really the last major item of trades work. We still have painting, staining, building shelves, putting up wallpaper cleaning, more cleaning and putting the house back together! Oh and packing and moving my mother-in-law from her five bedroom home to her new space. I’m tired already!

My husband sent me some pictures via his phone so I can share them with you!

In my dream kitchen there was always a gorgeous range hood. Of course in dreams there is no concern about cost! Did I get a wake up call (ha ha no pun intended) the price was exorbitant! Thank goodness for Nick from VHI cabinets. He was able to show us hoods in our price range. We found one and truth be told I love it just as much!

I can’t wait to see it in person!

We ordered our new stove it will be installed next week. We have not had a stove for months. I can’t wait to cook!

Hopefully, the floors will be done next week and I can share them with you!

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