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Trash To Treasure Bar Cart Before And After!

I have been looking for a bar cart for our patio, but the cost really surprised me. The prices range anywhere from $200-$600 even on Facebook Marketplace. With this realization, the bar cart was moved way down on the list of priorities.

Having already put the idea of a bar cart out of my head, one day, I passed right by one in my neighbor’s trash. Needless to say, once I realized what I saw, I did a U-turn and snapped it right up. It was not the prettiest thing, but it had potential.

Let’s see how I made it pretty!

The paint was chipping and the inserts for the shelves were warped but it was intact and still worked. Bonus for me that someone threw it out!

After cleaning it, I took steel wool and knocked off all the loose paint.

I decided to spray paint it with Rust-Oleum flat black paint and primer.

The matte finish will hide any imperfections.

After spraying the top, I flipped it over and did the bottom. It took two coats for full coverage.

I replaced the shelves with 17.9″ diameter round wooded discs from Michaels.

I was really excited to use this Iron Orchid Design transfer Astoria in black and white on the tops of the wooden discs. The flowers seemed perfect for an outdoor cart!

Using the tool that comes with the transfer, you rub over until it releases to the surface.

When it turns dull like on the right you know it let go.

The transfer comes in sections. After one part is applied, you match up the next. The grid pattern makes it easy to line up.

I was rubbing for an hour and my hand started to hurt. Ouch!

My husband gave me his winter gloves and they worked like a charm!

Once the transfers were on, I decided I only wanted the flowers and no words, so I painted over them with white paint.

It took four thin layers of paint, but you can’t even tell they were there.

The finished piece!

Drinks anyone?

Before and After!

Looking forward to using it this summer!

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