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Using Chalk Paint To Create A Faux Natural Wood Finish!

I don’t always follow trends in design, but one trend I have been transitioning too is the use of lighter more natural looking wood tones. I love the organic look and warmth it gives to the space.

I recently rearranged my family room which included placing a half circle table in front of a window. The table had been painted and needed a refresh. Many of the pieces already in the room have natural wood tones. The piece in question is not good wood therefore not a candidate for refinishing using stain. I have been experimenting with chalk paint to create a faux wood finish and thought this would be the perfect piece to try it on.

Since the body was in good shape, I decided to just use the technique on the top.

Let’s get too it!

The top was in rough shape. It was hidden behind the couch before, and no one could see it. Not anymore!

The first step in the process was applying two coats of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

Sometimes I use water to thin the chalk paint. In this case I wanted a thicker base to work with.

The thicker base enabled me to create a faux wood grain by painting in one direction, you can see the grooves in this picture.

I did not get pictures of the second step which was to paint another two coats of chalk paint this time using Annie French Linen.

Once the paint was dry, I used Waverly Antique sealant. I have used it on other projects and loved the richness of color and natural wood look it gives.

It may seem like a waste of time using two different types of chalk paint then covering it with a dark sealant. But I can tell you from experience just using one type of chalk paint or just the sealant will not give you the same look. Layering is the key to getting a natural wood appearance.

When applying the sealant, I went in the direction of the grooves that were created using chalk paint, again adding to the look of real wood.

The color was a little uneven.

I created a wash using Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint and water to help even it out.

First, I misted the tabletop using a spray bottle then applied the chalk paint.

Using an old tee shirt, I wiped off the excess.

To get in the crevices I used a small paint brush.

At this point I liked everything I did thus far, but felt it still needed more movement

I took a chance and added Annie Sloan Old White, French Linen and Honfleur Chalk Paint. The worst case being I would have to start all over again. Been there, done that before! Not an issue!

In my mind I could see different striations of color going in the direction of the faux wood grain.

Using a large chip brush, I dipped it into the three colors without mixing it.

I used a dry paper towel to off load and began to brush in the direction of the wood grain. I kept brushing until there was no more paint, then repeated he process.

If you were not sure what I meant by movement, this is it! The different color tones and lines creating the look of real wood.

I am really happy the way the table came out. It definitely looks like real wood and will look great in the space.

I styled the table in the dining room, but it will eventually find its place in our family room in front of the window.

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